BioLINE Innovation. About company

The organization "BioLine Innovation" was created in late 2015 in one of the European countries. At that time the main goal of the team was: "change the already existing formulation of the injection category of anabolic drugs". To accomplish this work a specific specialist microbiologist chemist with 20 years of experience with a scientific degree in this direction was drawn to the organization.

And only after 2 years - we were able to present our product to the public. The result of this work and user feedback are fully readable on third-party resources on the Internet.

Under the leadership of the original owner the first several batches were released and implemented. Further events occurred as a result of which the brand was transferred into the hands of the new owner. Thanks to these changes adjustments were made to the packaging of all manufactured products followed by the introduction of the brand to the markets of Asia and Central Europe.

At the same time the previously developed formulation and product quality in general remained at the former level. Besides with the arrival of the new owner - significant changes are expected to only surpass.

The initial change is the decision to cover our clients with fresh information about the company's responsibilities the stages of their implementation and other news related to our operations. The method of maintaining the section "news" on the site is for this purpose to provide the feed and updates.